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Wish your team good luck!

Right now, as Parliament prepares to begin, the most active of GetUp members in your community are getting ready to meet your MP. They've fired off their meeting requests, written up agendas, and they are ironing their GetUp shirts. In the coming days, they'll be preparing how best to introduce to your representative to GetUp in your community, and talk about the issues you and GetUp members in your community care about.

We'll report back soon about whether your team got a meeting with your MP and how the face-to-face meeting went, but right now, can you wish your team luck? They're going to represent you and all the Getup members in your electorate, and they need to know that they have your support.

Just click on the box below "Leave a message..." to leave a good luck message for your local team. GetUp members will be reading your message as they get ready for their meeting, so don't forget to say where you're from in your message so they know you're on their side!

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Can't get the discuss board to work? No problems! Send your well wishes to your local electorate team by emailing us directely at [email protected] and we'll pass your message on to the team!