Yesterday, Queensland mining magnate and multi-billionaire Clive Palmer called a press conference. His announcement? That certain environmental groups in Australia are in fact being funded by the American CIA to shut down the Australian coal industry. Clive says it's all part of a secret plan and massive budget "bigger than our whole economy" to promote America's coal industry.

Could this be true? Watch the shocking new video footage below to find out about the link between Australian environmentalists and the CIA:

Here's why this matters. This story didn't start with yesterday's press conference. It started with Clive Palmer planning to build Australia's biggest open cut coal mine, 'China First', and the world's largest coal export facility, 'Abbot Point' -- and finding out that if elected, the Queensland LNP has just promised not to allow coal seam gas mining in areas of high conservation value.[1]

Not surprisingly, Clive's massive "China First" mine would have a destructive impact on areas of high conservation value, such as Queensland's Bimblebox Nature Refuge. Such a large mining operation will require massive coastal export facilities, right on the doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. These projects will require the dredging of millions of tonnes of sea floor to make way for more than a quadrupling of coal ships; and the building of major new infrastructure the entire length of the World Heritage Area from Gladstone to Cape York. If the Abbot Point export facility is given the green light it will become the largest coal export port in the entire world - nearly three times larger than any other on the planet.

For more information on China First and Abbot Point, and to see Clive Palmer's original press conference, click here.