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Don't let Clive get his way

If Clive Palmer and others get their way, there will be a coal port within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area that would be larger than any other coal export facility on the planet.

Imagine the burden upon the Great Barrier Reef if the Australian Government give the green light to the massive new coal export facilities at Abbott Point. Imagine the reef with thousands more ships alongside its shores, and tens of thousands of tonnes of dredged material from the sea floors -- and imagine the impact on our climate if an extra 385 million tonnes of coal was exported every year.

We need to act, and we need to act now. We've seen the strength of our movement before when we all chip in small amounts on a regular basis, and we know we can win. Can you become a defender of the Great Barrier Reef by making a small weekly donation?
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If you're not in a position to contribute on a regular basis, we still appreciate any support you're able to give: click here to make a one-off contribution.
Become a donor, and your small contributions will make it possible to:
- provide community activists with campaign training and help give them a voice in the media;
- undertake scientific and legal research into how and why the reef should be saved;
- use advertising and traditional community mobilisation tactics to ensure all Australians and the global community know that the reef is under threat right now;
- and, bring the force of our progressive community, the biggest in Australia, to defend the reef when it needs us most.

If you chip in, we know we can win. With your support, we'll save the Reef and stand up against the might and power of the mining industry.