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Save Our Farm

In just a few weeks time the Murray Darling Basin Authority will release the draft plan on how the Basin will be managed into the future.

Locals graziers and farmers like Mark are speaking out because the Authority have indicated they will drastically reduce water releases in the basin. The Authority have also cancelled independent scientific review of their $8.9 billion plan.

Add your voice to locals and scientists who are speaking out by joining the petition on the right of this page.


To Environment and Water Minister Tony Burke,

The Murray Darling Basin has been sucked dry by decades of over extraction. Despite recent rain and floods the Murray Darling Basin is on the brink of ecosystem collapse. Already over 90% of the floodplain wetlands have been destroyed along with native fish and bird populations.

The Basin is the food bowl of Australia. It must be managed using the best available science. We urge you to commit to ensuring a scientific review is carried out of the Murray Darling Basin plan and that the plan is based on the best available science.

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