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Send the report to Ferrovial

No Business in Abuse GetUp and the Human Rights Law Centre have just released a scathing report detailing exactly why Spanish corporate giant Ferrovial (now owner of the contracts to run Australia's detention camps on Manus Island and Nauru) must immediately walk away from Australia's illegal detention regime.

Can you help make sure Ferrovial understands how seriously they must take this evidence? Use the tools on this page to email them the report.

Here are some of the points you may wish to raise (in your own words):

  • Ferrovial acquired Broadspectrum in May 2016 with the full, prior knowledge of the scale and severity of the human rights abuses at the core of the offshore detention regime.
  • Even one day of business in gross human rights abuse is too much.
  • The Manus and Nauru camps have also been condemned by expert human rights bodies and by the international community. Rates of mental illness and self-harm by people detained at the there are alarmingly high.
  • Both centres are now tinderboxes in which people endure well-documented trauma, neglect and despair.
  • This report marks an escalation in the global commercial and activist pressure on the companies involved in Australia's offshore detention regime.
  • Ferrovial is now the target of a global campaign against corporate involvement in Australia's abusive immigration detention regime.
  • The continuation of the offshore detention regime looks extremely uncertain – it's not only ethical but sensible for Ferrovial to walk away now.
And then there's the fact that Stanford Law School professors have stated that Ferrovial's staff are at risk of prosecution – for crimes against humanity.1
Most importantly, tell them to read the evidence in the report – and urge them to act on it by immediately walking away from the camps.

Thank you for taking action!

[1] 'Ferrovial staff 'risk prosecution' for managing Australian detention camps', Guardian UK, 24 July 2016

Send Ferrovial the report

The Association with Abuse report makes it clear to Ferrovial that it must immediately cease all operations in Australia's detention camps if it is to be compliant with international human rights law.

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