**Trigger warning – discussion of abuse**

End this system of abuse

GetUp members are coming together to stop corporations profiting from human suffering in Australia's detention camps. Will you join us?

It's a brutal system of violence, commissioned by the government and run by corporations, and it's cashed up by the billions. It keeps brave men, women and children imprisoned indefinitely, in an environment characterised by psychological trauma, beatings and rapes. It's a system that denies people freedom and hope, and keeps them in constant fear.

But here's the thing – we have the power to shut this system down. It's time to use it.

In the modern economy, no company operates in a vacuum. Corporations all over Australia work together to provide the financial bedrock upon which the appalling detention regime is built. But while they are the foundation of this abusive incarceration system, we are the foundation of their business model.

We invest in them, either as individuals, or through our banks and super funds. We hire them to service our schools, hospitals and businesses. We consume products sold by their most valued clients and investors and we park our cars in their carparks. The network of money that keeps abuse in business is huge – but we're at the centre of it.

This is our best shot at transforming refugee policy in Australia for good. But to get this campaign off to its best possible start, as many people as possible need to be on board from the outset. We need to show corporate Australia just how many people are prepared to take their commitment to a fairer deal for people seeking asylum right to the next level, whether it's by organising in our local community institutions or moving our super funds away from harmful investments.

We're going to launch our campaign to the companies in a few weeks – if, by then, tens of thousands of Australians have pledged their commitment to ending business in abuse, we can strengthen our collective hand and strike real fear into the heart of this cruel industry.

This pledge is just the start of a game-changing campaign to end business in abuse. Here's what will happen next:

  1. We will take this pledge, signed by tens of thousands of Australians, to the companies profiting from indefinite detention, and demand they agree to uphold these basic principles and shut down their abusive system.
  2. If these companies refuse, with your support as consumers, investors and community members, we will go to schools, super funds, hospitals, and other institutions across the country, and ask them to take the pledge and join us in opposing this cruel trade.
  3. We will strategically build our movement, signature by signature, until we make it clear to every company profiting from abuse: they have been completely rejected by the people and businesses they need to survive.
Are you in?


We, as Australian investors and consumers, stand united in our call to end business in abuse.

We hereby declare that we will only support companies, institutions and organisations that refuse to support or profit from abusive practices towards people seeking asylum.

A company that is not abusive is one which:

  • Has zero tolerance for child abuse
  • Respects people's fundamental rights to freedom from arbitrary and indefinite detention
  • Does not treat people in a cruel, inhumane or degrading manner
  • Commits to transparency and independent monitoring to ensure these principles are upheld
Any business, institution or organisation that fails to uphold these principles will not receive our financial or public support.

In taking action, I agree to GetUp's Privacy Policy.