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Keep families together

Mehreen and her daughter Mehreen and her daughter Eshal
A shocking new report from the Human Rights Law Centre reveals successive Governments have intentionally separated thousands of families as part of their cruel treatment of refugees and asylum seekers 1

From Pregnant women separated from their husbands, forced to raise their children alone, to parents unable to bring their kids here to safety.

The stories are heartbreaking – and they paint a clear picture of the Morrison government intentionally weaponising the love between families to continue their inhumane detention regime.

But since Karen Andrews has taken over as the new Minister of Home Affairs we have an amazing opportunity to shift how this Government operates.

Right now Karen Andrews has a decision to make. She could follow the path led by her cruel predecessor, or she could take a more empathetic approach to her portfolio – starting by reuniting families with their loved ones. And that's decided by how powerful our movement is.

If we can show Karen Andrews tens of thousands of people across the country demand an end to family separation, we can pressure her to start her new role the right way, and support parents, children and loved ones to find their way to each other again.

Will you stand in solidarity with the families calling to be reunited with their loved ones?

The 'Together in Safety' report released by the Human Rights Law Centre, reveals three ways the Government intentionally separates families seeking safety.

  1. Endless depriorotisation of visa applications. There are thousands of people who sought safety in Australia prior to the Government adopting their inhumane detention policies in 2012. While they are able to stay in Australia, their visa applications to bring their family to safety with them are put on the bottom of the pile. Some people have been waiting for up to 10 years to reunite with their loved ones.

  2. Ban on applying for family reunion visas. The Government has cruelly ensured that people who sought safety in Australia after 2012 are unable to build their lives safely by keeping them on insecure visas. These visas do not allow people to bring their families here, nor travel to see them.

  3. Offshore detention. People who arrived before the Government arbitrarily announced their offshore regime, were able to settle in Australia. People who arrived after, were sent to unthinkable offshore detention facilities. Despite already having family in Australia, the Government kept people locked up on Manus island and Nauru. Secondly, if those detained offshore needed to be evacuated to Australia for medical treatment, the Government refused to let their family to go with them. This left many pregnant women forced to give birth alone in Australia, and partners who still haven't met their children.

You can read the full report here.

Can you sign the petition to put an end to these inhumane tactics used to keep families apart?
[1] Together in Safety, Human Rights Law Centre, 29 April 2021.


To Minister of Home Affairs Karen Andrews,

Every family has the right to be together. But there are thousands of families who have been torn apart by the inhumane policies of the Morrison Government.

End family separation now.

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