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Support the fight against hatred

Enough is enough.

In shocking new evidence of Pauline Hanson's political impact, 49% of Australians now support a ban on Muslim migration, up from 28% in October.1

Hanson and One Nation's influence is sliding us towards a dark and dangerous place of resentment and racial vilification. And you can see here, Hanson is literally being embraced by the Liberal Government.

We need a broad-based, ongoing and long-term campaign to fight racism, fear and xenophobia.
That requires in-depth research, a carefully constructed counter-narrative and multimedia production campaign, as well as assisting affected communities to push back against these attacks.

It's a whole new campaign to tackle Hanson and her rising tide of racism. To do it we need ongoing funding by adding many more people to our GetUp Crew, who make a regular donation to support our work.

Can you become part of the GetUp Crew to counter the rise of Pauline Hanson's racial fear and hatred?

References [1] 'Half of all Australians want to ban Muslim immigration: poll', SMH, 21 September 2016
GetUp is completely independent of funding from governments and large corporations. As a result, our movement is entirely reliant on members like you chippping in what they can.

The support of regular donations enables GetUp to both plan strategically for the long-term, as well as respond to moments as they present themselves.
Here are the three things we need to fund in the coming months to respond to the Hanson threat:

  1. Research. Deep research to understand the motivations of those who support Hanson or even just support some of her right-wing views. That's not just polling, but focus groups, dial-testing and more to understand how to counter Hanson's appeal. We'll also research how Justin Trudeau has taken Canada in a different direction.

  2. Multimedia Response. GetUp videos have the ability to reach millions of people on Facebook alone, but we need the resources to produce, film and distribute an ongoing series of videos, to counter Hanson's influence.

  3. Lift up voices. The very ethnic communities Hanson is attacking make up 30-70% of many marginal seats. We also know from past research that while these communities feel marginalised and excluded, they are powerfully activated by the threat of Hanson and her hard-right allies in the Liberal Party. So we'll create a new platform to lift up the voices of these communities to help ignite their own political activism, which could make a permanent progressive shift in the electoral map.
This isn't just a set of tactics, it's a whole new strategy and political program that can only be funded and sustained by adding hundreds and even thousands more to the GetUp Crew.