Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton have just launched their biggest attack yet on multicultural Australia:

Tear-of of a newspaper headline, which reads 'Speak English, respect our values': PM's next citizenship crackdown - The Age, April 19 2017

After months and months of escalating dog-whistling against Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and multicultural communities, this week's announcements are straight out of the John Howard handbook. The Coalition is jumping on the One Nation bus – and throwing our communities under it.

Malcolm Turnbull has picked this fight because he thinks there's power in racism – that it will breathe life back into his polls.

But if public opinion surges against him, and Labor and the cross-bench take a stand against dog-whistling and block these changes, we can turn this debate around – and prove that racism is a losing strategy.

Can you sign the petition calling on Labor and the cross-bench to block these changes?