Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has announced changes that will devastate multicultural and migrant communities:

Tear-of of a newspaper headline, which reads 'Speak English, respect our values': PM's next citizenship crackdown - The Age, April 19 2017

Minister Dutton has suggested a slew of changes despite no evidence that they are needed, and with no regard for the harm and discrimination they will create towards those seeking to make Australia home. Many people now face years of fees, waiting and uncertainty in their attempts to become full and equal members of our community.

In just a few days, thousands of GetUp members have signed a petition calling on the Opposition and the Senate crossbench to join the Greens in opposing Dutton's discriminatory citizenship changes. And the pressure is beginning to work!

The Labor party and the Greens have linked arms to stop the unfair and discriminatory laws. We're winning.

And while some of our politicians may be standing firm, to win this battle, we need to win in the court of public opinion.

Can you share this video and show politicians that citizenship is not a political football?