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Stand up for multiculturalism in Parliament

osmond chiu and eric abetz
Australian-born research fellow Osmond Chiu was just singled out for his Chinese heritage while making a submission to a Senate inquiry about the underrepresentation of multicultural communities in Australian politics.

Senator Eric Abetz, out of nowhere, demanded that Mr Chiu "unequivocally condemn" the Chinese Communist Party.1

This line of questioning was both discriminatory and completely irrelevant to the inquiry. Implying that Mr Chiu had allegiances to a foreign government simply due to his cultural background was nothing short of an attack on our multicultural communities.
Senator Abetz's comments are unacceptable and we can't let the Morrison Government ignore them. No one deserves to be bullied based on their background or what they look like – least of all by a Senator. If the Government chooses to let this slide, it will be sending a message loud and clear that it condones this vicious discrimination.

Can you call on the Government to denounce Senator Abetz's behaviour and commit to achieving cultural diversity within the Liberal Party?

The Liberal party has an obvious lack of diversity,2 and it's clearly created an environment where racism can thrive. Everyone deserves respect in our multicultural community - especially in our Parliament.
[1] I was born in Australia. Why do I need to renounce the Chinese Communist Party?, SMH, 14 October 2020
[2] People from culturally diverse backgrounds 'crucial to Liberal party's future', SBS, 21 August 2019


We call on the Morrison Government to denounce Senator Abetz’s racist bullying and commit to achieving cultural diversity within the Liberal Party.

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