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Say thank you to MPs and Senators standing up for 18C

Over the past few months, we've fought long and hard to stop Malcolm Turnbull and the Coalition from pursuing changes to Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

But despite massive pressure from Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and multicultural communities — and even dissent from Turnbull's own colleagues — the Coalition will be proposing amendments to 18C in the Senate today.

That's why it's important we rally behind the Senators who are standing against Turnbull and the Coalition's attack on ethnic and religious minorities. We need to show them the community is behind them.

Your email doesn't have to be long - but it should have three basic parts.

The first is a simple thanks. Be direct about why saving 18C matters to use as a constituent. Sharing your personal story, or those of people in your community, about their experiences with racism and why we need legal protections against racial abuse.

Don't forget to be firm in reminding your MP or Senator that you expect follow-through on this promise. You want to remind your MP that you'll be keeping an eye on their committment.

The last step is to remind your MP or Senator that we need their ongoing support for ethnic and racial minorities in this country.

Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and multicultural communities are under increasing threat from divisive political rhetoric and growing racist sentiments in the community.

At a time when racist incidents are at record highs, we need leaders to stand for harmony and community safety over division and fear.

Thank MPs and Senators for defending 18C

Search with your postcode to find out which of your Senators are standing up for 18c - then choose one to email.

Keep it personal, but remember to include the rest of their party in your thanks, so they can pass it on!

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