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Discriminatory Bill Attacks New Australians

The Federal Government has introduced a discriminatory bill which blocks migrants from accessing vital social security support available to all other Australians.

While massive corporations get even more handouts, this government is targeting people who are new to Australia. It seems they're hell-bent on creating two classes of people in our community — where a person's worth is determined by how long they've been here.

Whether you are new to this country or have been here for generations — every person in Australia deserves a fair go.

But the Turnbull Government doesn't think so.

By blocking access to the social safety net, the government are putting people new to Australia on the back foot further delaying their access to vital support. For the first time, these families will also be blocked from immediate access to support when they have a new baby, are suddenly caring daily for a terminally ill family member, or have their partner die unexpectedly.

The Government has the power to force this legislation through the lower house, but if thousands of us call on Senators to oppose the legislation, we have an opportunity to block it in the Senate.

Will you call on parliamentarians to block the Turnbull Government's attempt to enshrine discrimination against new Australians?


The government's migrant income support amendment will further drag out waiting times and prevent new members of our community from accessing a vital social safety net. For the first time, migrants will be blocked from access to support when they have a new baby, are caring for a terminally ill family member or if their partner dies unexpectedly.

We call on all members of the Australian Parliament to block the Turnbull Government’s discriminatory bill.

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