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Put a stop to the retirement rip offs

Protect elderly Australians
A joint Fairfax Media-Four Corners investigation earlier this week uncovered the abuse of thousands of elderly Australians, locked into financial prisons by retirement village operators rorting millions of dollars from residents.1

After people sign on the dotted line, they realise they've been locked into a contract with oppressive rules, crippling fees, and lengthy delays in dealing with health and safety issues.

Worse still, there is very little people can do about it due a complicated contract that forces them to pay an exorbitant fee if they want to leave. The fee can be up to 40% of the property value of their home.2

Sign the petition demanding urgent reform of retirement villages and protection for elderly Australians.

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  2. The Price of Freedom, The Sydney Morning Herald, 27 June 2017


We are calling for an urgent reform of the retirement village sector, starting with an end to unfair and unreasonable exit fees for residents.

People should not be forced to live in poor conditions just because they can’t afford to leave.

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