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We need more superheroes to stand up to Coke! Ask your friends to put on the red suit

Northern Territory Chief Minister Paul Henderson has been on the receiving end of Coke's harassment due to his government's moves to introduce container deposit recycling. In a message to GetUp members he says: "In the lead up to our container deposit legislation, Coca Cola and its beverage industry allies, ran a well-funded public misinformation campaign against Cash for Containers.

We have seen political intimidation. We heard false claims that container labels would take 2 years to change, only to now find Coca Cola producing individually named cans and bottles. And now we face the threat of legal challenge."
Read the full letter from the NT Chief Minister to GetUp members here.
Click here to learn more about why we need a national container deposit scheme.

Click here to find out why Coca Cola Amatil (Coke) is the target of this campaign.
Our friends at the Boomerang Alliance, a coalition of Australian environment groups campaigning for recycling on packaging, electronic waste, tyres and other problem wastes having been running a great campaign to see a national container deposit scheme in Australia. To find out more and support their campaign click here:


>We need more superheroes to stand up to Coke! Ask your friends to put on the red suit.

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