Here's what we'll do:

We'll build the tech to reach millions of voters.
From powerful conversations through peer-to-peer texting to creating and maintaining a huge online campaign hub so people can take action right across the country – GetUp will play a pivotal role in making sure the Yes campaign reaches undecided voters. We've done it before – developing cutting edge tech that helped win marriage equality – and we need to do it again.

Our First Nations Justice team will work directly with communities.
From the Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia, our team will organise and mobilise First Nations leaders and communities across the country to back in yes – driving enrolment, having powerful conversations and educating their communities.

We'll reach the voters who will decide the outcome of this referendum with clear, cut through messages on why they should write yes.
Using cutting-edge data analytics and carefully developed messages, we'll reach voters on the streets, across the airwaves, in their social media feeds and on polling day with the info they need to write yes. From posters, to billboards to celebrity and high-profile spokespeople and voting information, we'll cut through the spin and division of the no campaign right across the country.

We'll mobilise like never before.
In the coming weeks, GetUp members across the country will get the tools they need to hit the phones, knock on doors, have powerful conversations about writing yes this referendum. On polling day, from Alice to Cairns, Broome to Melbourne we'll have thousands of GetUp volunteers handing out how to vote information that cuts through the spin and gives voters the info they need.