Photos of four men, who are detained on Manus Island. They are all smiling. One is older, with grey hair, while the others are young.

BREAKING: A new exposé shows the company in charge of the Manus camp has been making conditions worse for people held there – as a deliberate tactic.1

And within weeks, bulldozers will start tearing down the Manus detention camp.2

This is an SOS: people are in immediate danger with nowhere safe to go.

Can you chip in to a nation-wide ad buy to convince Turnbull to bring them here?

Depending on how much we raise together, here's what we could do:

  • Beam the stories of Aziz, Nayser, Amir and Mamud into tens of thousands of social media feeds around the country – convincing people who didn't know about the issue to act;
  • Plaster our capital cities in posters, telling the stories of the people Turnbull wants to abandon;
  • Place ads in digital newspapers, so anyone reading the news online can't help but find out what the government is planning for the people on Manus;
  • Print physical ads in regional papers, which MPs use to monitor mood of their constituents;
  • Put up big glossy ads in telephone booths and shopping centres around the country, so the issue is everywhere;
  • Buy billboards near Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton's electorate offices, so our demand greets them every day;
  • Rent a mobile billboard to drive our message around Canberra when pollies get back there.
And that's just the start of the options! The more the raise, the more we can do – and the more people we can reach.

[1] 'Revealed: year-long campaign to make conditions harsher for Manus refugees', Guardian Australia, 17 May 2017
[2] 'Manus Island: Asylum seekers told to leave before detention centre closes', ABC News, 15 May 2017