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People across all sectors of Australian society are uniting to stand in solidarity with the men, women, and children currently held in abusive detention on Nauru and Manus Island.

In the wake of leaked documents detailing horrifing abuses in the Nauru detention camp, together we can show just how far-reaching the call to 'Bring Them Here' is.

Will you stand with your co-workers, sports team, school friends, or whichever group you might a part of, alongside people seeking asylum – and share it for all to see?

How do I share my message?

  1. Create a banner or posters (A4 sheets of paper will do), that reads:

    [insert name of business or group]
    says #BringThemHere

    Or a share a similar message, but be sure to include the hashtag #BringThemHere in there. If you like, you can click here download a poster and print at home.

  2. Take a photo of your group holding the banner, preferably in front of a sign, or something that will make it obvious which business or group you're representing.

    If you have a uniform, or something that will represent your institution e.g. hospital scrubs, it'd be great to wear this for the photo.

  3. If you, or your business or group has a Twitter account, upload the photo to Twitter with a message of support and make sure you use the hashtag #BringThemHere – this way it can be captured and featured on the main webpage here.

  4. If you don't have access to a Twitter account you can either:

    a) email your group's photo and message to: letthemstay@getup.org.au and we'll upload it to Twitter on your behalf, OR

    b) click here to upload your photo and message via an online form.

Thank you so much for all you're doing. The tide is turning, so keep it up!

Can I get in trouble from my employer for taking part in this?

If you're concerned about repercussions from participating in this action, we'd recommend running it past your employer first.

If it's not possible to take a photo as a representative of your institution, you can always post a photo as an individual or with your group, without mentioning your employer – for example: "Teachers say #BringThemHere"

What should I do if my group receives interview requests from the media?

Get in touch with us, by emailing: letthemstay@getup.org.au and we can help you manage media requests.


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