We say #BringThemHere

5 months ago PNG's Supreme Court ruled the Manus Island detention camp illegal.

Now, it looks like Australia has come to the table and is working out how to close it.1

The Australian government has been illegally imprisoning people in abusive conditions. It's great news that they're in talks to close the Manus camp – now, we must make sure that it does so, and that it brings those it illegally imprisoned to safety in Australia.

This news comes just days after Guardian Australia released 2000 leaked documents detailing horrifying levels of abuse on Nauru.2 Since then, all eyes have been on the government to see how they respond to this proof of large-scale abuse, including of children.

These abuses should never have occured. Now, they must end. The government must bring those in its abusive detention camps to safety immediately.

The entire policy is falling apart - the legal permissions, and the political and corporate support for the camps, are all disappearing. But the government is pretending everything is fine, and the camps are still open. Now the human cost is again laid bare.

Whether it's Nauru or Manus Island, it's clear the Australian Government's abusive detention regime is in a state of complete and utter chaos – and it's harming people.

The Australia Government has been treading water, avoiding facing the reality of its own policy's failure. Now, we must show them the way forward.

#LetThemStay showed that more people than ever supported allowing people seeking asylum already in Australia to move into our communities. Now, we must prove definitively that our shared compassion extends to those on Manus Island and Nauru – and that the governrment must follow the public, and bring those in its abusive camps to safety in Australia.

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[1] 'Manus Island detention centre to close, Australia and Papua New Guinea agree', Guardian Australia, 17 August 2016
[2] 'The Nauru files: 2,000 leaked reports reveal scale of abuse of children in Australian offshore detention', Guardian Australia, 10 August 2016


To the Prime Minister and Immigration Minister,

Mounting evidence – from doctors, lawyers, and the Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea – has shown your policy of mandatory offshore detention is immoral, abusive and illegal.

It has never been clearer that the camps on Manus Island and Nauru must be closed, and the people who have suffered in them be treated with compassion and dignity.

Please take this opportunity to do the right thing by those the Australian government has imprisoned for years, and allow them to start rebuilding their lives in safety, in our communities.

Bring them here.

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