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Call your MP and tell them to #LetThemStay

A year ago, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton tried to send 267 people — including babies born in Australia, back to danger in Nauru.

But Dutton was stopped — when thousands of people rallying around the country and demanded the Turnbull Government #LetThemStay.

Over the weekend, news broke that Dutton is again moving to force these people back into danger — this time by starving them into submission.

Having previously denied them access to work, Dutton has cut off their meagre income support, and given them just days to find a job. Not only that, he's kicking them out of their homes.

They've been told they must return to Manus, Nauru, or the country that they fled.

If Dutton is successful, these changes will uproot 370 people — including 115 children. They are families, babies born in Australia and children in school. Families just like Samuel's.

Just like the last time Dutton tried to send these people back to danger on Nauru — we need to stand up and push back.

Can you call your MP and demand they stand up to Dutton and let families like Samuel's stay in safety?

  • This policy change from Dutton is about politics not people. It is an inhumane and callous move that will rip men, women and children from the community and throw them into destitution.
  • These are babies who took their first steps and who spoke their first words in Australia. Children going to school. Parents who are terrified that they and their children forced back into danger on Nauru.
  • The people affected by this include men badly injured on Manus Island, women who have been sexually assaulted on Nauru, and babies born in Australia.

Samuel was just a baby when Peter Dutton tried to deport his family back to Nauru.

His photo, along with many others, appeared on front pages across the country, triggering an outpouring of support from a cross section of our community. They demanded that Prime Minister Turnbull #LetThemStay.

Now, he's a healthy and happy toddler who loves going to the park.

In Australia, he has been able to have a happy and safe life. But Dutton's latest policy move could change all that.

Now his parents are worried for thier future - how'll they'll put food on th table and make sure Samuel is safe.
In early 2016, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton moved to deport 267 people seeking asylum that were in the community receiving medical treatment.

Among the 267 people were babies born in Australia, kids who were attending local primary schools and women who had been sexually assaulted on Nauru.

But the community rallied. Thousands took to the streets and churches invoked the historical concept of sanctuary. Not long after, State Premiers joined the call and demanded the Turnbull Government #LetThemStay.

And we won.

Dutton backed down and the families were able to stay in Australia. They were able to start rebuilding their lives in the community - in safety.


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