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Morrison: Listen to the experts

A detention centre guard in Melbourne has tested positive for coronavirus, and potentially dozens of staff from the Villawood detention centre in Sydney are self-isolating after going to an event at the latest pub hotspot.1, 2

For months thousands of medical professionals have warned about this exact situation, citing fears that if coronavirus makes it into the centres, it could spread rapidly and quickly become a public health crisis.3

This not only puts the lives of hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers at risk, but puts more pressure on the already strained healthcare system and workers.

With these recent confirmed incidents coming to light, it's clear the Government needs to act fast.

Can you call on the Government to follow the advice of medical experts and move people out of immigration detention immediately?
The Government can easily prevent an public health crisis if they move people to more appropriate accomodation in the community. It could use its existing powers to:
  • Release people so they can live with their families in Australia; and
  • Release other people into appropriate accommodation where they can maintain physical distancing, noting that there are many accommodation providers who have rooms available.
[1] Australian doctors call for refugees to be released amid coronavirus fears, SBS, 3 April 2020. [2] Australian doctors call for refugees to be released amid coronavirus fears, SBS, 3 April 2020.


To Prime Minister Scott Morrison,

The Department of Health and health experts have made it clear that the conditions in immigration detention centres would allow for the rapid spread of coronavirus and could put lives at risk.

We call on you to move the men, women and children held in immigration detention into the community immediately.

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