For years, successive Australian Governments have desperately tried to hide the truth about Manus. But no more.

Smuggled in under cover of darkness, we just recorded explosive new footage from inside the Manus detention centre.

Six hundred men are sick, starving and thirsty. Just to sleep, they drag their mattresses out of crammed steel sheds to escape the searing heat. They're living without power, water or medicine. And for all that, they fear even more where they could be taken next.

The GetUp Human Rights Directors, Matthew Phillips and Shen Narayanasamy, are human rights experts with refugee crisis experience in places like South Sudan — what they witnessed was the worst they'd ever seen.

Our Government's fences and walls, their gag rules and media blackouts, have all been designed to hide these appalling conditions from the Australian people — to prevent the tide of public outrage that could sweep down this abusive regime.

This heart-wrenching footage has the power to shame our parliament into action — The Daily Telegraph and other News Corp tabloids are running these images as front page stories calling the conditions horrific.

Now we need to turn that outrage into action.

People are about to become seriously ill or die, and only the Australian Government has the capacity to evacuate the camp.

New Zealand, the US or Canada and other safe countries may be willing to resettle these men, but we can't wait months for a resettlement process - evacuation must happen now.

Can you help shame our Parliament into immediate action by signing this people-powered petition demanding they evacuate Manus immediately?