BREAKING: Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Home Affairs Minister Dutton have torn down the Medevac Law.

This law, which was passed in February after a historic loss on the floor of the House of Representatives, ensured doctors not Dutton made medical decisions for people offshore.

Medevac provided a small humanity for those offshore, of being able to get the medical care they need, as directed by medical professionals. Nearly 200 people obtained medical treatment in Australia thanks to this law

Medevac's repeal is a cruel and vindictive political move by this Government, with Senator Lambie finally voting for it, although she was in tears, unable to say what price she had extracted from the Government for it. Right now, we need to pivot the full force of our people-powered movement on Morrison and Dutton.

Together, we need to show the Government that the public still stands with the medical community – the 5000 doctors who spoke out, the 13 peak medical colleges, dozens of medical whistleblowers and the Australian Medical Association – in their calls for medical treatment and a safe and secure future for the people detained offshore.

Can you flood their parliamentary offices with calls to resettle the people still on PNG and Nauru, instead of cruelly trying to deny them medical care?