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Children out of detention

We can't go backwards

Cabinet is meeting tonight and they have a stark choice: to recommit to processing asylum seekers in a faster, more humane way here in Australia -- or to reopen John Howard's 'Pacific Solution' processing centres in Papua New Guinea and Nauru.

These are countries where asylum seekers have waited for up to four years for resolution of their cases, usually without legal representation and with limited access to medical and psychiatric care. In fact, just months ago Immigration Minister Chris Bowen himself said of the processing centres "They did not break the people-smugglers' business model. They broke the people."

Please contact your MP and make sure this Government doesn't make a bad situation worse by returning to John Howard's failed Pacific Solution.

Making the call can be quick and easy. Here's what members have told us so far:

"Today I called my MP Gai Brodtmann to register my dismay at the current Government's asylum seeker policies. Her office said she was receiving quite a few calls saying the same thing - that we want asylum seekers processed on-shore, humanely and quickly." - Susannah, ACT

"The call was good - my points were noted, and will be passed along. Worked more or less from your talking points. Good luck, and hope for a progressive outcome!" - George

"Hi there, Call was easy as! Albanese's office for Grayndler. Woman was helpful and nice. I simply said I didn't support any return to Pacific Solution and she took down my name. Presto!" - Tully, NSW

If you'd like, you can instead send an email to your MP by clicking here.

Some pointers for your call:
- When we lose our tempers, we lose the argument. Stay calm and polite.
- Make a clear ask. Let your representative know that you don't want a return to harmful policies, or let them know that you'd like asylum seekers to be processed humanely and quickly here in Australia.

None of us want to see more families risk a dangerous boat trip to Australia. But the processing centres on Nauru and Manus Island, Papua New Guinea won't help that. What will help is:
- increasing Australia's humanitarian program, focused on our immediate region, so that there are more orderly ways for refugees to come to Australia that don't involve undertaking dangerous boat journeys;
-encouraging other settlement countries to also increase their refugee intake; and
- working closely with UNHCR and regional partners, in a methodical rather than ad hoc way, to help them improve their asylum seeker processing systems.


We only have a few hours to make sure the Government doesn't go back to the Pacific Solution of the Howard Government. Can you use the tool below and make a call to your MP or Labor Senator and let them know you won't stand for a return to the Howard Government's Pacific Solution?

If you're not sure what to say there are some talking points on the left.

Enter your postcode to find your MP or Senator