Peter Dutton is on the attack and he's threatening a new group of people.

They're individuals and families who have been in Australia for years, living, working, and going to school, TAFE and university in communities around the country.

They are our neighbours and colleagues. Local cricket stars and star pupils.

For years, these men, women and children have been waiting patiently to go through the proper process to be assessed as refugees, and find permanent safety in Australia.

But now Peter Dutton has thrown any chance of fair process out the window, and is using bureaucracy to threaten and harass them.

He is sending out letters demanding people complete complex asylum claims in just weeks. With legal aid services pushed to the limit, people will be forced to go without legal advice or interpreters.

Dutton wants 7,500 people rushed through a process designed to fail them, all by 1 October.

It's an impossible demand that will mean people are wrongly assessed – at which point, Dutton has said he'll start deporting people.1

We've taken on Dutton before. It's time for us to stand up again, and win.

Sign the petition, and help us end Peter Dutton's bullying, and keep these people safe.

[1]'Peter Dutton gives asylum seekers in Australia deadline to apply for refugee status', The Guardian, 21 May 2017