Former Save the Children teacher Gabby Sutherland showed the Q&A panel photos of the children still trapped on Nauru. Some of them have never known a world beyond the barbed wire, mouldy tents and tiny island prison.

Despite this, Dutton continually claims there are no children in detention1.

He knows that to all of us, the thought of children in detention is abhorrent. So he erases their very existence and hides them from public view. But no longer.

Thanks to the bravery of these children, and their parents, politicians can no longer deny what is being done in our name.

The photo of these kids isn't going to bring down a cruel system on it's own, but if thousands of us share the image, we can expose the government's deliberate efforts to mislead the public, and place the children, men and women on Manus and Nauru at the centre of the issue.


[1] " I've got every child out of detention", ABC News on Twitter, 23 November 2017.