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Demand Politicians get #KidsOffNauru

picture of small boy crouching on white rocks inside Nauru detention camp This is the face of a little girl who was born behind bars in detention on Nauru.

The only life she's known are guards shouting, steel fences, and unending detention on a tiny island the size of Melbourne's airport. Where she's called by a number, not even his name.
Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said he had "every child out of detention"1 but after 5 long years, there are still nearly 30 children detained offshore on Nauru.

In the last few weeks nearly every peak medical body including the Australian Medical Association, nearly 6000 doctors, nurses and healthcare workers and international medical NGO Médecins Sans Frontières have called for the government to get #KidsOffNauru.

We know that with enough pressure, things can change. This year, Australian judges defied the Federal Government multiple times and evacuated children urgently from Nauru to Australia.2

So while our Government is trying to hide the 85 children remaining on Nauru – these photos are our chance to show the Australian public the truth. If enough of us speak out now, we can confront politicians with the faces and the stories of the children imprisoned on Nauru, and force them to listen to doctors' orders.

Will you sign the petition calling on Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten to evacuate these children and their families to Australia before Universal Children's Day on November 20?
Former Prime Minister Turnbull announced the US deal to resettle some of the 1800 people detained offshore detention nearly two years ago. Since then only a few hundred people have been moved to safety in President Trump's United States.4

Despite being assessed as a refugee – this little boy is still waiting. How long can we do this to him?

Already, 157 children and their families have been brought to Australia from offshore detention on doctor's orders.4

But 85 kids remain on Nauru, some never knowing a day of freedom in their lives. We cannot let this continue, can you tell our politicians to get #KidsOffNauru?

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To Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Leader of The Opposition Bill Shorten,

We call on you to evacuate the nearly 30 children and their families still detained on Nauru to Australia before Universal Children's Day on November 20, 2018.

These kids have had 5 years of indefinite detention on a tiny Pacific island, in deteriorating conditions tantamount to child abuse.

Please, get them off Nauru.

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