Waleed* was brought to Australia because he was violently bashed during the riots in the Manus Island detention camp that killed Reza Berati. This morning, under the cover of darkness, the Turnbull government put him on a plane to Christmas Island.

Earlier this year, tens of thousands of us stood with Waleed and hundreds of people like him and demanded that the government #LetThemStay. From surrounding Lady Cilento Hospital in Brisbane to protect a baby, to protests around the country, we made it impossible for the government to deport them.

Now Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton are testing our resolve.

This morning was just the start. What matters now is how we respond.

We need to make it clear we're stronger than ever. That's why hundreds of people in capital cities are signing up their mobile numbers to a huge list, so that if the government tries to send people into harm again, they'll hear about it straight away – and can take action.

Can you sign up now to join a rapid-response list of people who will be alerted if the government tries this again – and help stop it?

Here's how it will work: This morning, if GetUp members had been at the airport to support protestors by bearing witness, and shining a public spotlight on what the government was doing, we could have stopped the deportation. Next time, you can help make that happen.

GetUp will add your mobile number to a list of people ready to peacefully and legally take action. If the government tries another deportation near you, you will receive a text if there's a safe way you can help. This may mean a text message being sent very early in the morning – but only if it's urgent.

There are people being detained in and near the following locations at immediate risk of deportation:
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Perth (Yongah Hill)
If you don't live near these locations, you can still help build our rapid response team by sending them this link: http://www.getup.org.au/deportations

*We are using a pseudonym to protect Waleed's identity.