Shut down Manus

Postcards from the children of Manus

Australia has long been a vocal critic of human rights abuses around the world, but now we're in the spotlight for failing to uphold human rights.

The Manus Island detention centre will forever stain Australia's human rights record. Despite report after report showing that Manus is putting lives at risk, children and families still remain detained on the island.

The Government's own Immigration Department submitted a scathing report on the detention centre, which found it posed serious health risks to asylum seekers.

As the damning evidence continues to mount, it begs the question: why is the Manus Island detention centre still open at all?

Let our politicians know that shipping asylum seekers offshore might put them out of sight, but not out of our minds.

Sign the petition to demand Immigration Minister Scott Morrison acts immediately to shut down the Manus Island detention centre.

The "Out of Sight, In Our Minds" campaign, run by GetUp members in partnership with child advocacy group, ChilOut, features videos and drawings from the children of Manus Island. View the campaign at

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Dear Minister Morrison

The conditions inside the Manus Island detention centre are unsafe, unsanitary and unacceptable - for anyone, especially children.

Shut down the Manus Island detention centre immediately and show Australians that you are serious about upholding human rights.

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