In June, six major American airlines stood up to Trump and refused to participate in his horrific immigration regime of deportations and family separation.1,2

But in Australia, where our government separates families all the time within its immigration regime, our national airlines refuse to do the same.

While Trump was tearing families apart at US borders, Peter Dutton ripped a Tamil asylum seeker away from his wife and Australian baby daughter, dragged him onto a plane and sent him back to Sri Lanka. He was immediately imprisoned by a security force the UN Special Rapporteur condemned in 2017 for the "arbitrary arrest and detention" of minority communities and the "endemic and routine" use of torture.4 And as Guardian journalist Ben Doherty lamented on the day of this man's deportation, family separation is 'routine' in our immigration system.

But for every deportation to danger that Peter Dutton intends to do, he needs a plane.

And that's where our big airlines come in - if Qantas and Virgin stand up to Dutton, like American airlines stood up to Trump – we deal a real blow to the system of deportations and family separation that Dutton has enshrined.

But the airlines won't do it on their own. We know that for corporations to do the right thing, they need to feel the heat from their customers. If thousands of us come together and call on them to rule out deportations to danger, we can force them to act.

Can you add your name to the petition to call on Australian airlines to rule out engaging in Dutton's human rights abuses?