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Tell your MP: #KidsOffNauru

It's clear – Scott Morrison needs to listen to doctors orders.

Over the last few days, thousands more doctors, nurses and health professionals have joined the Australian Medical Association and called for the PM to get #KidsOffNauru.1

But instead of heeding their advice, Morrison has pushed back hard.2

Despite the groundswell of healthcare workers speaking out, the outrage from the public, and more critically ill children being evacuated from Nauru under Federal Court orders3our Government is trying to argue that everything is fine. But that couldn't be further from the truth – and we need to remind them.

If thousands of us inundate our MP's offices with the faces and stories of the children detained on Nauru – we can force them to acknowledge the truth, and demand action.

Can you take a minute to email your local MP and demand they to listen to doctors orders by bringing these children and their families to safety?
  • These children have been detained on Nauru for five years – some have event spent their entire lives in detention.
  • The heads of the Australian Medical Association, the Royal Australian College of Physicians and The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists have all come out and called for the government to immediately bring the children and their families to safety and appropriate medical treatment.
  • This is thousand of doctors, nurses and health workers from across Australia calling for action – and our politicians should listen.
  • These children and their families need to be brought from Nauru to safety immediately
Over the last few weeks the Federal Court has forced the government to bring a number of children and their families to Australia for medical treatment.

The most recent information shows that there are about 30 children still detained on Nauru.
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