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Watch Him Grow Petition

This single mother from Brisbane - Bernadette Romulo - is about to be torn away from her son by the Australian Government and deported to the Philippines.

She won't be there for Giro's 9th birthday, she won't be able to watch him grow like any mother would want to do for their child.

Bernadette's pleas to Assistant Minister for Home Affairs Alex Hawke have been continually ignored despite having lived, worked and paid taxes in Australia for over a decade. A dedicated church-goer and nursing assistant to the elderly, she has raised 2 girls from a previous relationship, and her Australian-born son Giro on her own after separating from Giro's father.

Now Bernadette has been given just three weeks to leave the country, after the rejection of her application for permanent residency.

This Government might be able to ignore one mum, but they can't ignore a multitude of people supporting her.

Can you sign the petition, to show Malcolm Turnbull's Government that we demand this mother not be ripped away from her child?
Although Giro is an Australian citizen and Bernadette has been his primary carer since she broke up with Giro's father, Giro is unable to leave the country due to legal partial custody arrangements. Leaving the country also means he will be separated from his Australian citizen father.
No child should be forced to lose one of their parents due to a maze of bureaucratic technicalities.


To Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Assistant Minister for Home Affairs Alex Hawke,

We ask that you intervene to allow mum and Brisbane aged care worker Bernadette Romulo to stay in Australia together with her 8-year old Australian son Giro, for good.

Families belong together, no matter where they come from.

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