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The untold asylum seeker stories

This citizen-funded journalism campaign started following Immigration Minister Scott Morrison's refusal to answer journalists' questions about asylum seekers, under the guise of being unable to comment on "operational matters".

Since the campaign started, more than 4700 people have donated to crowdfund the stories the Abbott Government doesn't want Australians to hear.

We've established a framework that will ensure all donations are used to fund high quality independent journalism that will help Australians view the issue with fresh eyes.

But we still need ongoing support to continue the work that's already started.

Watch the video to find out what GetUp members have helped achieve so far:

We've brought together some of the country's most respected and experienced journalists, media producers and executives to establish an independent panel, which will ensure your donation funds high quality journalism projects with integrity.

As heavyweights of the media industry, these panellists won't be beholden to vested interests and they certainly won't be pulling any punches when chasing stories. Seated on the independent panel are:

  • Wendy Harmer, founder and editor of The Hoopla, author, broadcaster and comedian,

  • Eric Beecher, owner of Private Media/Crikey and former editor of The Sydney Morning Herald,

  • Monica Attard OAM, freelance journalist for CNN, five time Walkley Award winner and former ABC journalist,

  • Barat Ali Batoor, freelance photojournalist, winner Nikon-Walkley Photo of the Year 2013, and

  • John Birmingham, author, freelance writer and commentator for Fairfax

Can you chip in to support journalism that will tell the stories that are going untold?

With your help, we'll answer the questions that go beyond, "how many boats are arriving?" and "have we stopped them yet?" to tell stories that will resonate with the wider public and help create a more constructive conversation about this intensely polarised issue.


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