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Dirty power games by dirty power companies

Right now, the fossil fuel lobby and the Murdoch press are running a war on renewables.

The timing is no accident. It's all planned to influence an emergency COAG meeting of Australia's state and federal energy ministers on August 19th, to decide on the future of Australia's energy mix. We've seen how vested interests have held back renewables at past COAG meetings, but this time we'll be ready for them.

We've lined up an influential energy expert to produce a report that will expose what big polluters are doing to rip off not just the planet, but their customers too. If we all chip in we can make a big media splash right before COAG and show the energy ministers the true cost of the big polluters' power games.

But we need to act fast to have an impact at COAG.

Will you chip in to fight the lies spread by dirty power companies?

What's really going on here?

  • Attacking renewable energy is just the latest tactic for climate deniers and companies whose profits rely on selling over-priced electricity to households and businesses.
  • Australia has low wholesale energy prices, but customers are still getting charged extortionate prices for power. Energy companies are taking advantage of us and it's time they stopped getting away with it.1
  • Investing in clean energy means taking control of our own power and breaking the stranglehold that the big polluting energy companies have on our electricity market which has allowed them to drive up prices.

1.Nicky Ison and Miriam Lyons, 'Homegrown Power Plan', GetUp and Solar Citizens, 2016

  • South Australia is ahead of the pack in switching to a cleaner, smarter energy system and they're already reaping the economic and job benefits of tackling climate change. Renewables are putting downward pressure on power prices and helping to limit the price gouging by greedy gas generators. Even shifting to just 50% renewable power is set to generate 4,000 additional jobs in South Australia.1
  • South Australia's electricity price spikes are being caused by a few powerful energy players who have enormous pricing power during times when demand is high.2 And the rest of the time, a few big retailers push up prices more in South Australia than in the rest of the country.3
  • These companies have been able to exploit the broken National Electricity Market to gouge prices. This is profiteering, pure and simple and it's why we need more competition from renewable energy, not less.

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The price-gouging tactics that dirty power companies use, causing skyrocketing electricity prices, holding consumers to ransom, and thwarting clean energy investment.