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An Open Letter to State Premiers and Energy Ministers

Malcolm Turnbull is hell-bent on undermining renewables in Australia. His latest plan is to introduce a National Energy Guarantee (NEG) with targets so low we'll end up with less renewables than if he did nothing at all.

But, to make his anti-renewable plan happen, Turnbull needs the support of the state premiers.

Here's the good news. Our Premiers could completely change the game. If enough of them fight hard enough, they could win national renewable targets strong enough to speed up our renewable energy boom, instead of slowing it down.

That's why we're launching an Open Letter calling on the Premiers to reject any national energy plan that doesn't grow renewables.

Read the letter below, add your name, and then spread the word among friends and colleagues.

Read the submission written by GetUp and other NGOs.


By signing the Open Letter, you can add your name to thousands of ordinary Australians calling on our State Premiers to stand up for clean energy.

And the harder our premiers fight, the more renewables we'll end up with. Add your name now.

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