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Protect the RET: Email your Labor MP or Senator

Over 75% of Australians support the Renewable Energy Target. Our MPs need to understand that their voters don't support what they're doing — cutting the RET will hurt Australian jobs, households and the economy. Can you take a few minutes to write to them to ask them not to slash the RET?
We've put some handy points in our email tool on the right - but the most effective message will be personal—telling your story or the stories of people you know and care about. Below are some tips on writing a personally powerful email to your MP:

  1. Introduce yourself — the best stories paint a compelling picture of the person affected. Who are you? Where do you live? What do you do?
  2. Explain that you (or someone you know) are benefiting from the current renewable energy target — for example through a new job, business, or lower power bills from switching to a renewable energy provider.
  3. What difference does the RET make to you? Explain how a reduction in the renewable energy target will impact your job, your household, your community or your business — What would your family have to sacrifice? How would your lives be different?
  4. Ask your MP to stay strong and protect the RET in their negotiations with the Government.
Remember to be polite! Some MPs may not realise how much their voters want the RET to stay as is, and we need to persuade them.

The facts:

  • Any reduction in the target is going to kill off billions of dollars of investment and cost tens of thousands of jobs. The Government wants to cut the RET down to 27,000GWh. This will completely decimate Australia's renewables sector. It will also reduce competition in the electricity market, driving power prices up and increasing carbon pollution.

  • So far the RET has created 24,000 new jobs and $20 billion worth of investment. The government's number one priority is meant to be creating new jobs and strengthening our economy, but by downgrading the RET we are going to do the opposite.

  • Keeping the RET as it is won't create an oversupply of electricity into the grid. The National Electricity Market's job is to ensure electricity in the grid never goes over capacity. In fact, having more electricity than we need, like we do now, is a great thing for power prices - it just drives them down.

  • Reducing the RET will add $4.5 billion worth of profits to the pockets of the big energy retailers AGL, Origin and EnergyAustralia, so it's no surprise they've been calling for the RET to be scrapped.

Email your MP here

Can you spare a few minutes to write a quick email to your MP asking them to stay strong and protect renewable energy target? Not sure what to say? Use the talking points on the left.

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The Government keeps saying they want a "real" 20 per cent target. But repeating this over and over again just makes investment uncertainty worse, and the government knows this. Since 2010, the legislated target that both parties agreed to has been 41,000GWh. The industry needs an absolute target, and any change to the current target is going to lead to billions in lost investment.
Writing down the RET will lead to $14 billion worth of carbon pollution being pumped into the atmosphere (about 150 million tonnes to 2030, or the same as adding almost 4 million cars to the road), according to the Climate Institute.
The RET has created 24,000 new jobs and $20 billion worth of investment. Reducing it will cost us $8 billion in investment and 18,400 jobs. Please stand strong and don't let the Government downgrade the RET below 41,000GWh. Cutting the RET down by even 5000GWh will completely destroy Australia's renewables sector.
The RET Review's own commissioned modelling found the RET will have a negligible impact on power prices up to 2020, and that it will actually drive prices down over the long-term, meaning I'll pay less for my electricity thanks to the RET. Less renewables mean less competition in the electricity market - if you let the Government slash the RET, my power bills are just going to increase over time.
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