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The Turnbull Government is planning to rip $1 billion of funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) — the agency responsible for funding exciting renewable energy projects around Australia.

ARENA has completed more than 60 clean energy projects across Australia and is currently managing 200 more. 70% of its funding has been invested in rural and regional electorates.

The Turnbull Government's cuts to ARENA would slam the brakes on climate action in Australia -- slowing the transition from dirty to clean energy by crippling investment in new renewable energy technologies and projects. For the sake of Australia's environment and clean energy jobs we need to stop the Turnbull Government gutting ARENA.

Can you stand up for clean energy by sharing your story of why ARENA has been good for you? Maybe you live in an electorate or state that has benefited from an ARENA-funded project, work at an ARENA-funded project, or just love clean energy!

Click here to find an ARENA-funded project near you.

ARENA plays a critical role in finding solutions to emerging challenges, as evidenced by its support for solar thermal projects, and proposed projects such as the world's largest battery storage virtual power plant in South Australia, which addresses issues around grid stability and power price volatility.

Without ARENA, these projects and many others would struggle to receive funding. ARENA funding is vital for the renewable energy sector.

  1. Create a banner or poster (A4 sheets of paper will do), that reads:


  2. Take a photo of yourself or your group holding the sign. If you work for an ARENA-funded project, or live near one, it'd be great to have the project in the photo.

  3. If you, or your group has a Twitter account, upload the photo to Twitter with a message of support and make sure you use the hashtag #SaveARENA.

  4. If you don't have access to a Twitter account please upload your photo and message via the online form on the right of this page.

  5. Once you've submitted your story we'll collect all the messages of support and host them on this website.