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Save the Tassie devil

The above, just released hidden camera footage provides new evidence that the area of the Tarkine that Venture Minerals is trying to strip mine is home to a large population of healthy but vulnerable Tasmanian devils.

Your local MP has the power to help influence Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke to urgently enact Emergency Heritage Listing for the Tarkine, please contact them now using the tool to the right. Thanks to conservationists from Code Green for providing the footage and doing the hard on-ground work to capture these remarkable images.
  • The Tarkine is home to the last healthy population of Tasmanian devils and new footage shows larger than expected numbers of devils on the site of the proposed Venture Minerals open cut and strip mines.
  • Leading wildlife expert and former chief scientist in the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program Professor Hamish McCallum has said the Venture mines area major threat to the endangered devils and has called for the government to assess the cumulative impact of the three Venuture mines saying: "You've got to be looking at aggregate impact....It's common sense."
  • Already 80% of Tasmanian devils have been lost in the wild due the voracious Devil Facial Tumour Disease
  • The two mines are proposed in areas that have been assessed by the Australian Heritage Council as being worthy of National Heritage listing. This listing should urgently be reinstated, and the proposals assessed accordingly.
  • The Tarkine is the second largest cool temperate rainforest left in the world.
  • The Tarkine is home to more than 60 species of rare, threatened and endangered species, including the Tasmanian Devil and the largest freshwater lobster in the world.
  • Two of the Venture mines are for iron ore and would only operate for two years, but in that short time the values of the Tarkine could be irreversibly damaged.
  • The coastal region of the Tarkine has been described as "one of the world's great archaeological regions" due to the richness and diversity of Aboriginal sites – many of which date back thousands of years.


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Send you local MP a quick message urging them to lobby Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke to urgently put in place Emergency Heritage protection for the Tarkine, based on the discovery of large numbers of healthy Tasmanian devils in the Tarkine rainforest that Venture Minerals want to turn into open cut mines.

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