Update: Late last year Tony Burke told us he would indeed visit the Tarkine. Months have passed with no date set and the longer he waits, the greater chance there is that mining developments are approved for the area. Let's keep the pressure up!

The beautiful and unique Tarkine rainforest is the second largest intact stretch of rainforest in the world, yet mining companies want to destroy it. Earlier this year the Australia Heritage Council made a clear recommendation to protect the Tarkine, but Environment Minister Tony Burke let its emergency heritage status expire, and has yet to visit the area.

Tony Burke needs to make a decision on the Tarkine's heritage status but is under pressure to look the other way from mining companies...If he sees the beauty of the Tarkine first hand, he'll see for himself why he must protect this area. We have a chopper and a team of local scientists and experts standing by, ready to take him straight into the heart of the rainforest for an insider's tour he'll never forget.

Add your name to the invitation to Tony Burke to visit the Tarkine...before it's too late.