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Our fire services are being cut

Bushfire season is getting hotter, angrier and longer. Our firefighters need to be confident they can do their jobs.

Can you sign the petition calling for an urgent funding increase for our firefighters?
An image of a Country Fire Association firefighter standing on a hill looking out at smoke

Governments are cutting our firefighters' budgets. In Queensland, it was $13 million.1 In New South Wales, it was over $100 million.2

This isn't just miserly – it's shameful, it's reckless, and it's utterly out of touch with the respect and admiration we have for our firefighters.

They fight for us, it's time we fought for them.

1. Queensland Rural Fire Service budget cuts, Queensland Country Life, October 23, 2019
2. Running the numbers on the NSW fire service budget cuts, Crikey, November 15, 2019
Last week, Morrison announced an additional $11 million for the National Aerial Firefighting Centre (NAFC). This is welcomed by the firefighting community, but it is simply not eneough.

Fire conditions are only set to worsen. We need to make sure firefighters have everything they need to meet this crisis. That means:

1. A more coordinated national approach to fighting the fires: this means things like standardised hose nozzle sizes and radio frequencies

2. Dramatic increase of paid firefighting positions: key firefighting bodies are asking for an additional 100% of paid positions by 2030

3. Real action on climate change at a federal level


We demand that cuts to our fire services are reversed. We demand a guarantee of an ongoing funding commitment to ensure firefighters can face longer, hotter bushfire seasons into the future.

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