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Tell Labor: shut down the TPP!

The Labor Party needs stand up for workers, the environment, and democracy at large – and block the Trans-Pacific Partnership now
Right now, the agents of secretive, massive corporations are circling Canberra. And the Labor Party is caving in to their demands.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership would give corporations the power to sue the Government for making policy in the public interest, halt the ability to regulate certain industries, and open the floodgates for the exploitation of vulnerable workers.

But it still has to survive two votes in Parliament, and the crossbench is almost totally united against this trade deal – which Senator Whish-Wilson describes as "an assault on democracy."

Labor says they don't like parts of the deal, and will review it if elected. But we shouldn't have to renegotiate a deal that it's not too late to stop. It's, at best, totally backwards and, at worst, a dishonest promise to dodge public backlash.

They can and must do the right thing, right now.

If we come together, we can put the Labor Party on notice, and demand they stand up for workers, stand up for the environment, stand up for democracy, and stop this trade deal in its tracks.

Will you write to your Labor representative and tell them to kill off the Trans-Pacific Partnership?
The Trans-Pacific Partnership includes Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provisions, granting companies the power to sue the Australian Government for decisions that adversely impact on their investments in Australia. Worst of all, these cases would be played out in private international panels that only corporations have access to.

Under similar provisions, French waste and water giant Veolia tried to sue Egypt when they raised the national minimum wage and damaged their profit margins. Historically, ISDS has been used by big business to challenge policy to protect the environment, health policy, and work conditions.

For more on the potential dangers of ISDS provisions, see ABC Radio National's story here.
Rather than killing the TPP here and now, Labor's wager is that they can worry about "reviewing" trade deals if and after they form government at the next election. But the stakes are too high. This trade deal was forged in secret by massive corporations, and The ALP is gambling with ordinary people's access to democracy and secure employment.

They can and must do the right thing, now.
The TPP removes the need for labour-market testing, which means corporations are incentivised to undercut the labour market regulations that promise dignity to us all in the workplace. It would help corporations increase their reliance on vulnerable workers, and encourage businesses to weaponise visa controls to trap people in exploitative conditions.

Tell your Labor Senator: Shut down the TPP!

A letter to your representative is most impactful in your own words. You should feel comfortable changing the subject line and including how you feel.

Just be sure to tell them you want them to vote against the Customs Amendment (Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership Implementation) Bills 2018.

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The TPP was drafted more or less in secret by vested interests. It represents a further transfer of power into the hands of super-profitable global business at the expense of ordinary people and the governments that represent them. It threatens all policy that is in the public interest, but not profitable, and that is no way for a society to function.
The TPP's removal of labour-market testing means corporations are further incentivised to undercut the regulations that promise dignity in the workplace and fair working conditions to us all. It would help corporations increase their reliance on vulnerable workers, and encourage businesses to weaponise visa controls to trap people in exploitative conditions.
Historically, ISDS provisions have been weaponised by extractive industries to challenge environmental protections. Lone Pine Resources is suing Canada to challenge the national moratorium on fracking under ISDS provisions in NAFTA. Canada also lost a case against Bilcon, who challenged the Environmental Protection Act on the grounds that it stopped their plans for a new port and quarry. These are not examples we want to see in Australia. The government should not be punished for protecting the planet from extractive industries.
The Labor Party clearly understands what's at stake – it's no doubt why the party has vowed to "review" trade deals with ISDS provisions if elected. But why renegotiate a bad trade deal once it's in effect when you can stop it in its tracks now? This distant promise is to gamble with the livelihoods and democratic power of everyday people. It's not good enough to promise to review trade deals once (or if) in government. Right now, you have the opportunity shut down the TPP, and it's in our best interests that you do.
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