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Zombie TPP: It's back

The Turnbull Government wants to revive the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – we need to stop this blatant corporate power grab before it's too late.

The TPP is back. Here's what you need to know:

Posted by GetUp! on Sunday, 19 November 2017
We've made this informative video to make sure everyone knows about the Turnbull Government's plan to sign us up to the dangerous TPP. But for it to work, we need to get it in front of as many people as possible.

We've fought off the TPP once before, and with your help, we can do it again. Can you take a moment to share this video with your friends and family right now?
The TPP would let multinational corporations sue our elected government for enacting laws that harm their profit margins – such as regulations to protect the environment and people's health.

Last time governments tried it – a massive upswell of public opposition killed it off. That's why this time they want to rush the deal though quickly – before we get a chance to fight back.
The Conversation compiled the thoughts of Australia's leading experts. Take a look for yourself: Click here to read the article


The more people see this video, the stronger our fight will be. Share it now!

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