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Help Michael West expose predatory job agencies!

Shadowy corporations are raking in billions in public handouts by exploiting our communities — and no one's holding them to account

They're part of the government's "JobActive" program — a network of unscrupulous private companies banking huge profits by purporting to help unemployed people, while doing the exact opposite.

These companies operate with almost no accountability or financial transparency. But that's about to change.

Michael West is one of the most respected investigative journalists in the country, and he's got his sights set on lifting the lid on this secretive network.

A rare Parliamentary Inquiry into the JobActive system will take place in just a few months time. We can't let this opportunity to work with Michael on this pass.

Can you chip in and help Michael West kick off his new investigation into privatised employment services?
With Michael's help, we'll launch a piercing inquiry into this system – using a sequence of powerful investigative tools:

  • Following the money: Michael West and his crack team of investigators will untangle Jobactive's web of investments, donations, and support payment cuts.
  • Dragging the data out: Data on payment cuts and complaints are kept under wraps – we can uncover this with legal challenges and freedom-of-information requests.
  • Someone on the inside: We need to reach out and find more whistleblowers – staff and clients – who blow the lid on these operations.
  • Getting the information out there: We'll produce a report to send to MPs and relevant stakeholders, like unemployed people and unions ahead of any review.
  • A positive alternative: We'll also work with leading researchers to identify what the government should be doing to help unemployed people.
JobActive has more than a million people in its grasp and holds so much power over their lives. To break this control, we need to expose this scam.
The GetUp movement is no stranger to the hard hitting investigations of Michael West.

Together we've successfully fought to keep the ASIC database in public hands.3 More recently, GetUp members helped Michael expose Australia's secret billionaires4, and build the most comprehensive online database of political misconduct5 – building a powerful case for a federal ICAC.
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[2] Australia's secret rich list: GetUp! commmissioned report, March 2021 [3] Q.E.D - The Case for A Federal ICAC, Michael West, 2020