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Stop Morrison's cruel welfare bill!

The Coalition's new welfare bill is "the most significant overhaul of employment services in decades"1and they're rushing it through Parliament next week.

These reforms will make life tougher for unemployed people, including crueler mutual obligations and a doubling of Work for the Dole. And instead of getting rid of predatory employment services, they're just rebranding them as 'Enhanced Services'.

We need more time to build a social security system that actually works for everyday people. And the best way to do that is convince Labor to oppose this Bill before it gets to Parliament.

Can you email the relevant Shadow Ministers Richard Marles and Linda Burney and ask them to reject this legislation?

[1] "'Rushed' welfare payments overhaul will cost JobSeeker recipients up to $457", The New Daily, 12 June 2021.
Social Security Legislation Amendment (Streamlined Participation Requirements and Other Measures) Bill 2021 [Provisions]
The government is the one initiating this disastrous legislation, but the Labor party has the power to help stop it. The bill needs to go to a vote in the Senate, and experts, affected communities and a range of partner organisations are lobbying Labor and the crossbench to help stop it.

Even if the bill ultimately passes, standing up against these new "Enhanced Services" and automated online systems that reek of Robodebt 2.0 is an important public commitment to people doing it tough. Will you contact the relevant ministers?
  • Stay polite and respectful: We want to encourage the ALP to do the right thing by people doing it tough, and stand up to the government's overhaul of JobActive.
  • Make it personal: If you have experience with job agencies, or unemployment – say so! Nothing is more powerful than your lived experience of the system. If you haven't had any experience, explain your values as a voter, and why standing up to the government on this will factor into the way you vote.
  • Keep it clear and succinct: Specify the bill (we've provided the details in the accordion above), and explain why you would like them to oppose it.


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Everyone agrees the privatised Jobactive system is bad. But this bill simply doubles the punitive elements of this system, by creating an online system that could look like Robodebt, and by rebranding Jobactive as 'Enhanced Services' for long-term unemployed people – allowing predatory employment services to continue exploiting unemployed people.
This new bill will make life tougher for unemployed people. Expanded Work for the Dole and mutual obligations will continue the humiliation and sitgmatisation of unemployed people. And dumping a grace period for people reporting on Job Plans could mean unemployed people lose on average $457 according to The New Daily. Labor could help stop these attacks on everyday people.
There is no evidence that mutual obligations help unemployed people find jobs, and in fact makes it tougher. This has been reported by academics, unemployed people, and by employment services themselves.
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