4 out of 5 Victorians Support Renewable Energy

But the Napthine government's barriers to renewable energy have stifled investment and restricted Victorian's access to cheaper, cleaner power.

Since 2010, our state government has:

  1. Made it almost impossible to get approval for a new wind farm
  2. Walked away from talks to phase out Hazelwood power station
  3. Abandoned the Climate Change White Paper and all commitments within it
  4. Removed the 20% emissions reduction target from Victoria's Climate Change Act
  5. Slashed the premium solar feed-in-tariff from 60c to 25c
  6. Restricted household access to the standard solar feed-in tariff
  7. Overstated the impact of the Federal carbon price on Victoria, while using it as a rationale for shutting down state-level programs
  8. Renewed Alcoa's mining lease at Anglesea for 50 years, with no further measures to reduce its pollution
  9. Removed climate change and renewable energy from the remit of Sustainability Victoria
  10. Worked to create a brown coal export industry
  11. Run a tax-payer funded PR campaign to improve the image of coal mining and power generation
  12. Dropped election commitment to introduce pollution standards for new coal power stations
  13. Failed to deliver any progress towards election commitment on improving residential energy efficiency
  14. Scrapped a $20 million election pledge to replace energy guzzling street lightswith more efficient lighting
  15. Failed to deliver an election commitment to review subsidies to fossil fuels
  16. Scrapped the solar hot water rebate
  17. Repealed a cost-effective program helping businesses reduce energy consumption
  18. Drastically cut back loans to government departments to improve energy efficiency
  19. Extended the operating licence of the Anglesea Power Station, despite the closure of the Alcoa smelter that consumed all its electricity
  20. Provided $75m in grants to three proposed new coal projects in the Latrobe Valley
  21. Phased out a low-cost and job-creating energy efficiency scheme that saved money for households and small businesses
  22. Pushed for reduction of the Renewable Energy Target, and including gas as a "renewable" source of energy
  23. Supported electricity retailer Simply Energy's decision to charge customers an extra $51 per year for having solar panels
  24. Cancelled requirement for government agencies to purchase green power
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  • all Victorian homes to be energy and water efficient.

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