Where do the Parties stand?

Right now, people from all over Victoria are speaking up for renewable energy, liveable housing, secure water, clean jobs and a healthy future. And to make sure Victorians know exactly what the parties are promising on climate change, the environment and clean energy, we've created Promise Watch.

Promise Watch helps you make an informed decision this election by listing the environment and climate change policy commitments of the major parties. Each week leading up to the election on 29 November, we'll update Promise Watch to include any new statements, policies or promises made by the political parties.

Download it here or scroll below find out where the parties stand -- and sign the pledge to Vote for your Environment and on election week, we'll send you the final snapshot of where the parties stand.



At this year's state election, let's show our politicians we care about action on climate change and support a clean energy future for Victoria. 

Fill in your details below to pledge your vote and we'll send you a final snapshot on election week, showing you where the parties stand on climate change and environment.

This 29 November, I'm voting to protect our environment and our future.

I want:

  • renewable energy, like solar and wind, to be affordable and available for all Victorians;
  • our beaches, rivers, forests and natural places protected;
  • all Victorian homes to be energy and water efficient.

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