The problem: In Australia, one in three women experiences violence at the hand of someone they know. On average, one women is killed every week by an intimate partner. One in four children have been exposed to domestic violence.1 In 2014, the United Nations Committee Against Torture pointed to violence against women in Australia as a "principle subject of concern" - a vast problem in desperate need of fixing.2

The solution: Ending domestic violence requires transformative change on many levels - in our cultural attitudes, in the law, and in the support provided to people in violent relationships. This year, GetUp will be backing the advocacy of people like Rosie. Sign up now to show your support for these efforts, ensuring that throughout 2015 we can reach out across Australia to make the changes so desperately needed in our laws, communities and homes. This is just the beginning.

Pledge to make 2015 the year Australia acts on domestic violence.

1PM pushes for national domestic violence scheme, SBS News, 28 Jan 2015.

253 Session, Convention against Torture and Other Cruel Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, 3-28 Nov 2014. UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.