This past week a series of outrageous events cast a long-overdue light on a deep rot. Let's call it what it is: deep, rank, sexist bulls*#t.

Yet here's the thing. When women leaders attempt to raise the issues that affect the lives of women, a chorus of frightened, angry voices rise up and accuse her of "playing the gender card" in a desperate attempt to stigmatise and silence men and women who care about gender equality. But together, we can break that stigma. If playing the "gender card" means talking about real issues and pointing out how sexism still warps our politics and business, then it's about time we all played the gender card.

Use this page to send us your "gender card" - an issue you care about that unfairly affects the lives of Australian women. If you can, send in a photo of yourself holding up your card, using the "attach file" tool. We'll turn your photos and stories into an online collage and run it as a print ad in national papers.

Maybe your gender card is about superannuation, and the fact that women are likely to retire with just a third of the amount that their brothers are.[1]

Maybe it's about equal pay, knowing that the salary of a woman who graduates today is likely to earn $2000 less in her first year of work than her male peers. Over the years of her working life, she'll earn 17.5% less each year.[2]

Maybe it's as simple as equal opportunity, and believing a son ought to have the same opportunities to succeed as a daughter.

Ending deeply rooted sexism in Australian society is a long term goal. It won't be settled in this, or any election. But it can be done.

We can take a step today by showing every sexist commentator that each time they try to silence a woman leader by accusing her of playing the "gender card", a thousand more Australians will stand up to proudly wave our own.

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