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Shame on Victim Blame

Trigger Warning: Sexual abuse, victim blaming, assault, childhood abuse, rape.

Talkback radio misogyny reached new lows late last week when 2SM radio host John Laws asked a caller whether the sexual abuse she'd suffered throughout her childhood was "her fault". He even went so far as questioning whether she was "provocative" at the tender age of six. No child "provokes" sexual abuse.

Tomorrow we'll join our friends at Destroy the Joint in delivering your petition - live, during the John Laws show - in a way that 2SM management can't ignore.

Let's show John Laws, 2SM management and the owners of Super Radio Network that blaming sexual assault survivors on the air will not be tolerated by the Australian public.

Sign the petition to 2SM management using the handy tool on the right.

You can listen to John Laws' on air "performance" here:

Listen to a 30 second clip of the audio here.

Listen to the full 7-minute recording here.

Listen to ABC's coverage here.

****** If John Laws' comments have been traumatic for you and you would like support, please call the National Sexual Assault, Family & Domestic Violence Counselling Line on: 1800 737 732


The best way to build a society that no longer tolerates victim blaming is to share moments like this when they occur.

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We can put an end to a culture of shaming and blaming victims, start by signing the petition.

John Laws, 2SM management, and the owners of Super Radio Network. We want John Laws and 2SM to apologise and commit to education on sexual assault.

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