New event for ‘National Day of Climate Action’

Event location
The first step is to pick a location for your Climate CatchUp

It’s a good idea to choose a choose a venue that:
  1. Can accommodate GetUp members, family, friends and unexpected extras.
  2. A free public space, like a park
  3. A central location in your town
  4. Easy to reach by transport or with adequate parking nearby.

  5. Want to read our Climate CatchUp guide before you decide where to host your event? Click here
The second step is to personalise the details of your event.

Choose an event name and, in the Events Details box, let your guests know what kind of Climate CatchUp you're hosting, eg. a picnic in the park. Let them know what to bring (eg. food, camera and bright, heatwave clothing), and remind them to invite their friends and family too!

Need to edit these details later? That's ok. You can return to this page at any time to edit your event, just don't forget to email your guests to let them know

Event Date

Event details

Please review that the following information about your event is correct
Address: This should be the real address
Date: Real/date/2011
Event name:
Contact phone number: 6666 666 666
Host Notes: These are my awesome notes
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